Share a smile
~ Share a smile ~

We give our customers a smile, and they give us.
We will be the source and share smiles with many customers, contributing to a society full of smiles.
I want to share a smile with as many people as possible.We aim to be such a company.



Our most important thing is "smile".
Our corporate philosophy is to "share a smile".

Our most important thing is "smile".Our corporate philosophy is to "share a smile".
By having customers smile, we can also smile.
Share, not give.
We are aiming for such a company.

Our job is to provide our customers with a joyful journey.
At the same time, it is our mission as a company to create the lives (journeys) of our employees.

From the land of Nagano, we are not bound by the frame of an inn
With the concept of "hot springs, food, sightseeing, hospitality, impression"
By disseminating a unique experience to the world
We pursue a future image that makes our customers, ourselves, and everyone happy.



We are not bound by the frame of an inn
With the concept of "hot springs, food, sightseeing, hospitality, impression"
"Unique experience"
We will send it to customers all over the world.



For oil and lanterns
Staff of various occupations are active.
Through various work experiences
Realize your career
Back up.

Staff story


  • Joined the company in 2016

    Cooking department

    Koki Higa

    "Aburaya Tosen" is an ideal environment for me because I can learn from cooking skills to management while working.I don't know when it will be, but I want to do my best to make my dreams come true.Until then, I will do my best to serve the company and customers, and strive to provide more satisfying food and customer service.

  • Joined the company in 2022

    Multitasking craft beer business

    Yosuke Hosoi

    I thought, "It would be great if there was a job that could make craft beer and serve customers," and I was surprised to find that job from "Aburaya Tosen."In an interview with President Yumoto, why did you start the craft beer business even though it is an inn?When I heard that thought, I got the impression that he was a very challenging person.You can challenge yourself here.With that in mind, I decided to join the company.

  • Joined the company in 2019

    Reservation department / customer service sub-leader

    Rinako Shibakusa

    The reservation department of "Aburaya Tosen" is strategic and needs to be dealt with from a marketing perspective.As a result, it is rewarding to receive high evaluations such as No. 1 in the area and No. 1 in Nagano Prefecture on the reservation site.It's a department that is directly linked to the sales of the company, so of course I have a lot of responsibility, but it's a very fun job.The sense of accomplishment when it goes well is exceptional.

  • Joined the company in 2019

    Multitasking department

    Mina Yamada

    There are four main tasks for multitasking: front desk, Nakai, customer service at the rooftop bar, and reservation work.There are many things to remember, but you can try new things.Actually, I was not good at making reservations.I'm not good at calling.I wasn't confident in the answers because the intonation was different.That was an experience.Now I can make suggestions as well as answers.