Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Abura and Tosen have established the following policies regarding the protection of customer's personal information.We are also making continuous improvements to them.
Abura and Tosen may ask you to provide personal information when making reservations for accommodations, restaurants, banquets, etc., or when registering services.
Aburaya Tosen pays close attention to the handling of the personal information provided in accordance with the "Personal Information Protection Principles".

1. We may ask for such personal information.

At Aburaya Tosen, we ask you to provide your name, zip code and address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. for reservations, service provision / confirmation, and billing.
We may ask you for your financial institution's account number or credit card number.In addition, in order to improve products and services and to deliver information related to you.
Information about age or birthday, gender, work content or place of employment, information you are interested in or magazines / newspapers subscribed to events, services you use,
We may ask you about your hobbies and income.

2. This is the case when we ask for and use personal information.

Abura and Tosen may ask for and use your personal information in the following cases.In either case, clearly state that personal information is required,
We ask that you provide it at your own will.

■ For confirmation and delivery of accommodations, banquets, etc., and service applications

For example, there are the following cases.In either case, we are asking for the information necessary to complete the provision of the service.

  1. Confirmation of accommodation reservation and application at the time of accommodation
  2. Request for various materials
  3. Application and reservation for banquets and various services, application and reservation for products
  4. Answer to questionnaire
  5. To confirm event application and deliver admission tickets, etc.
  6. Others (When we receive your personal information in services other than the above, we will clearly inform you of the purpose, content, and handling of personal information.)

Of the registered personal information, the name and zip code of the municipality, the name of the financial institution, the expiration date of the credit card, etc.
If there is a change in the information that interferes with the delivery or request of the product, Abura or Tosen may change the registered information.

■ To provide / improve the products / services you are using and to develop new services

For example, there are the following cases.In either case, we are asking you for the information necessary to help us provide and improve our products and services.
In addition, the information you ask will be treated as statistical data only, and personal names will not be disclosed to the public.

  • To improve the contents of products / services, websites, etc. so that you can be more satisfied.
  • To customize the contents of products / services, websites, etc. to suit individual users
  • To investigate your satisfaction with the information and products you ordered
  • To aggregate information obtained by statistically processing personal information and publish it as a survey result
  • To understand your usage status and use it to improve services and develop new services.

■ To deliver information related to the products and services we provide

For example, we may send you useful information from Aburaya Tosen as shown below.

  • To provide information on periodical publications, digital content, and other services
  • To request cooperation in the survey, participate in various events, and report the results.
  • Understand the usage status of products / services, websites, etc., and provide information and surveys of companies / organizations that are considered to be useful to everyone, including Abura and Tosen.
    The personal information you ask for delivery may be associated with other information managed by Abura and Tosen.

3. Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties

Abura and Tosen will not disclose the registered personal information to a third party without your consent.
Even if you act on behalf of a company / organization other than Abura or Tosen to deliver information that you think is useful to you, your personal information will not be available without your consent.
We do not disclose or provide to such companies / organizations, and we may exchange personal information with financial institutions when paying for products and paid services.
This is to confirm the validity of the financial institution's account number and the validity of the credit card.Also, when disclosure is required by law,
We may disclose personal information when we can reasonably determine that it is necessary to protect / protect the rights / property / safety of Abura and Tosen.

4. Personal information will be strictly managed

Aburaya Tosen implements strict management measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of personal information under its control.
At Abura and Tosen, we may outsource the handling of personal information to a company that has concluded a confidentiality agreement for personal information because we judge that Abura and Tosen are reliable.
Even in this case, your personal information will be protected under the personal information protection system of Abura and Tosen.

5. Registration information can be changed, corrected or deleted at any time

Abura and Tosen will manage your personal information as accurately and as up-to-date as possible.
We will disclose the registration information when you make a request.
In addition, we will add, change, correct or delete the registration information when requested.

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