Natural hot spring

A healing moment to forget time

Natural hot spring

Hot spring

What spreads reflects the mountains of Shinshu
Large panorama.
Of the four seasons and time
Face the move.

The distant mountain range of Shinshu seen from the spacious bathtub.
Forget the time and enjoy a luxurious time.

Large baths, open-air baths, sleeping baths, etc.
You can enjoy various types.
While looking at the mountains of Shinshu
Immerse yourself in a highly effective natural hot spring
Have a relaxing time
Have a good time.

A luxurious time to forget the time


Hot spring
Yumeji no Yu

Public bath

Yumeji no Yu

A wide variety of baths
You can enjoy
The proud hot spring floor.

Click here for details on Yumeji no Yu
Yumemi no Yu

Public bath

Yumemi no Yu

An open-air bath that shines in 7 colors
Enjoy the mountains of Shinshu
Big bath.

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Yuzuki no Yu

Private open-air bath

Yuzuki no Yu

In a private space
Relax and relax
Private open-air bath.

Click here for details on Suigetsu no Yu

Monopolize the best hot springs and superb views

Guest rooms

The scenery of Yudanaka where you can feel the nature is monopolized.
In a guest room with an open-air bath, which is the pride of Aburaya Tosen
Feeling the river breeze of the four seasons
Please have a good stay.

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More healing time


In addition to natural hot springs, there are also oils and lanterns
Various facilities to heal the hearts of guests
I prepared it.
Private private room bedrock bath for private use,
A massage room to relax your tired body, etc.
Please spend your time.

Features and Efficacy

Hot spring ingredient list

Sodium chloride spring (alkaline hypotonic high hot spring)
Evaporation residue 1825mg / kg Hydrogen ion concentration 8.59H

Amount of ingredients in 1Kg
Positive ion mg anion mg
Sodium ion 449.3 Fluoride ion 17.0
Potassium ion 42.3 Chloride 752.2
Magnesium ion 0.697 Sulfate ion 194.7
Calcium ion 80.0 Bicarbonate ion 55.6
Iron ion 0.073 Carbonate ion 19.7
Free and non-dissociated components
ingredient mg
Metasilicate 148.7
Metaboric acid 148.7


This hot spring has the following indications.
Indications (diseases and symptoms for which hot springs work)

1. Indications common to hot springs
・ Neurosis / muscle pain / arthralgia / frozen shoulder / motor paralysis / joint stiffness / bruises / sprains / chronic digestive equipment / hemorrhoids / cold sensitivity / recovery after illness / fatigue recovery / health promotion

2. Indications specific to this hot spring
Cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases, frail children, chronic gynecological diseases, arteriosclerosis

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