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Enjoy wine and art

Enjoy wine and art

Stretch your legs a little
Enjoy wine and art

Nagano Prefecture boasts the largest number of museums in Japan.It is also one of the leading wine producing regions in Japan.
While feeling the gorgeous scent of grapes
In the time of an adult trip to enjoy art
Soak it in.

Day 1

first day

Lunch while heading to the hotel

Please enjoy the local gourmet food on the way to "Aburaya Tosen".




After arriving, the natural ore
Detox in the bedrock bath.

A low-temperature sauna that captures the natural power of natural ore into the body.
You can expect all kinds of health benefits along with comfortable relaxation.
It is even more effective when combined with a hot spring bath.

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In addition, go to the hot springs that the hotel is proud of.

From the spacious bathtub, you can see the Yomase River and the distant mountain range of Shinshu below.
During your stay, you can use both the "Yumeji-no-Yu" and "Yumemi-no-Yu" by switching between the two large communal baths.

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Utilizing seasonal ingredients
Enjoy the Shinshu Kaiseki.

You can enjoy kaiseki cuisine that makes use of local ingredients.
Please enjoy the beautiful vessels for your eyes.

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"Rooftop Japanese Bar
Yuzuki Hana "

This is a new bar where you can enjoy the emotional Japanese season with Ukiyo-e from Katsushika Hokusai.
Please spend a time after a meal with the scenery of Yudanaka.

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While watching the night view in the large communal bath

It is exceptional to take a bath while gazing at the scenery where the lights of the city in Yudanaka emerge fantastically.

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Going to bed

Day 2

second day

Refreshing in the morning open-air bath of awakening

"Suitsuki no Yu" is a private open-air bath that can be used by families.
Immersing yourself in the Shigaraki ware bathtub makes you feel blissful.
Bathing while enjoying the panorama that changes with the seasons and the sound of the wind is full of humor.

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Have a healthy day with breakfast buffet.

Breakfast buffet is a Japanese and Western menu.
A side dish with plenty of fresh vegetables and rice, and a wide variety of sweets are available.

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Sanczel Hill

"Sankuzeru Winery" is located on a hill with a good view.
Not to mention the fine wines, seasonal workshops and winery tours, etc.
There is plenty of fun.

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Winery restaurant Sankuzeru

At the restaurant with a panoramic view of Iizuna Town,
We used plenty of local ingredients along with our proud wine
Enjoy a casual meal.

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Shinshu Obuse Hokusaikan

Hokusai visited Shinshu Obuse for the first time at the age of 83.
A number of works that are old and still passionate
Please enjoy with the cityscape of Obuse where Hokusai spent his last years.

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Obuse Winery

In a small winery like Burgundy,
You can enjoy the proud wine that has kept 100% self-made sake.

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Soto sect Umedoyama Iwamatsuin

Hokusai's latest work, "Happo Gaze Phoenix".
The imposing figure of 21 tatami mats is drawn on the ceiling in the center of the main hall (Oma).
Please enjoy it with the worship of Gohonzon.

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Arrival at the hotel


Special menus change daily.

You can enjoy the daily menu only for consecutive nights.
Please enjoy all the food in Shinshu.

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After a meal,
Have an elegant time in the lounge.

The terrace lounge "Ki" where you can spend a relaxing time with a glass of wine or whiskey.
Please enjoy your own time in a calm interior.

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Enjoy the hot springs to your heart's content

An open-air bath that changes to 7 colors depending on the bathing time,
A large communal bath overlooking the mountains of Shiga in each season, sleeping bath, sauna, massage bath, hitase bath,
You can enjoy the hot water to your heart's content.

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Going to bed

Day 3

Third Day

Check out


Slowly brunch after check-out

On the last day of the trip, spend the morning slowly and head to the brunch.

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Go to "Mayumi Takahashi Doll Museum".

Grandpa and grandma looking up at the sky and smiling,
Children who are likely to hear a lively voice ... The warm appearance of such dolls
I'm sure everyone will smile.
Please enjoy the appreciation while remembering the scenery of your nostalgic hometown.

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Take away the "delicious" of Shinshu.

After all, the end of the trip is gourmet.
At the roadside station and the familiar shops in Yudanaka, take a souvenir of the taste you encountered on your trip.

We offer a limited plan for consecutive nights

Recommended consecutive night plan

Recommended plan
Great value for consecutive nights! [Discount for consecutive nights] 2% discount on the second night, upgrade to limited dishes for free, and leisurely stay with selectable benefits

[Discount for consecutive nights] 2% discount on the second night, upgrade to limited dishes for free, and leisurely stay with selectable benefits

1 night with 2 meals 20,900 yen (tax included) ~ / person

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