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Do your best and enjoy the season


Cuisine Cuisine

Born in Shinshu
Ingredients weave,
Special taste for guests.

We are proud of our kaiseki cuisine that uses plenty of seasonal ingredients and traditional Shinshu vegetables.
We have a wide variety of products.
Please enjoy the many special dishes that fascinate guests with your eyes and taste.

The live kitchen attracted by craftsmen
Stimulate the five senses of the guest.

Our chefs will welcome you in front of you.
For dinner, we will prepare sushi in front of you.You can choose your favorite from the fresh material of the day.
* It will be offered with a plan of standard kaiseki "light" or higher.

Discerning kaiseki cuisine
On a daily basis.
Add light and color to your travels.

From standard kaiseki meals that use seasonal ingredients and traditional Shinshu vegetables abundantly
We offer a total of 3 types of kaiseki cuisine, including premium kaiseki meals where you can enjoy each and every dish that is particular to the chef.

This month's dish using seasonal ingredients

This month's dish using seasonal ingredients

Steamed foodSakura sea bream yam steamed

We knead sea bream paste, wild vegetables, and carefully selected glutinous rice called ``Domyoji flour'' to create a chewy and chewy product.
It has an elegant taste with chunky wild vegetables, chewy texture, and a light scent of bonito.
Please enjoy this elegant spring dish.

Spring March to June

Taste the season

Meeting meal


Standard Kaiseki


You can only taste it with playful oil and Tosen
This is an original course.
For standard kaiseki
Shinshu beef stoneware grilled in front of customers
The dishes to be made will be added.

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Premium Kaiseki


Kaiseki course with various tastes.
Each dish that the chef is particular about
Please enjoy.
For standard kaiseki
For fish dishes and desserts
Cooking etc. will be added.

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Children's food


We offer colorful children's dishes so that children can enjoy cooking.

Children's food
Children's food

Breakfast information


Guests staying in comfort rooms and standard rooms (10 tatami mats) will have a Japanese and Western buffet.Guests staying in a room with an open-air bath can choose from a Japanese/Western buffet or a private breakfast set.
* If you wish to change from the Japanese and Western buffet to a private room breakfast, you can use it for an additional 1 yen per person.

breakfast buffet breakfast buffet breakfast buffet breakfast buffet breakfast buffet breakfast buffet

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breakfast buffet

A wide variety of Japanese and Western dishes and fruit desserts
50 types available

The breakfast buffet is a Japanese-Western menu that will satisfy both Western-style and Japanese-style customers.Have a healthy day with a very satisfying breakfast, as much as you like.

Allergens are listed on the food, so please enjoy with confidence.

Private room restaurant "Nanohana Koji" Private room restaurant "Nanohana Koji"

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Private room restaurant "Nanohana Koji"

You can choose between Japanese and Western dishes.
Please enjoy slowly.

We offer both Japanese and Western dishes.In both cases, we offer each and every item that is particular about the material.
Please choose according to your taste and mood of the day.

Rooftop bar
Invitation to "Yukigetsu Hana"

Rooftop Japanese BAR

The food and drinks that you can enjoy while feeling the vast nature and atmosphere of Shinshu are exceptional.
Rooftop Japanese Bar Yuzuki Hana has a wide selection of drinks and more.
We have an a la carte menu.

Snow moon flower Snow moon flower Snow moon flower
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Rooftop barSnow moon flower hotel reservation
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