An inn full of smiles and excitement



Of you and your loved one
A warm and luxurious day.

In the rape blossom village of Shinshu,
Born as an "oil wholesaler"
"Aburaya Tosen".
Over the years,
To the bathhouse that praised the hot water in Yudanaka,
And it changed into a hot spring inn.

At the riverside that I finally arrived at,
A heartwarming light ...
When I saw the travelers,
How relieved it is!
It has been more than XNUMX years since then.

With a loved one,
From now on, we will travel our lives
Your day is
A little extravagant and special
So to speak, to be a commemorative day
We welcome you.

Abura and Tosen are for everyone who is comfortable on a trip.
Warmth, healing, familiarity,
And gorgeousness,
It will continue to be a light that you can feel.

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